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Transparent GUI or Control - design issue advice needed.

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Today I am in need of a little more assistance.

I have successfully made my kiosk background GUI window and added some regular looking pop-up window controls as needed.

Now I want to add an overlay "window" OR "control" ...I do not know which is best/correct.

I would like this overlay to be placed centered without the borders, title bar, status bar, ...etc.

It will contain a transparent background HTML page so the "win/ctl" must also support the transparency allowing the main background GUI to show through the HTML content.

So far, I have made some simple GUIs and CTLs to include an IE object and I fine the myriad of combinations of "style" options daunting. I am unsure as to what all is possible.

This overlay may be one of many and will be relocated atop of the background, resized as needed.

So my question is:

Should this overlay be a control to the background GUI or rather a child window to the background GUI.

...or perhaps there is another option I have missed all together. LOL I do not know what I do not know yet. That may sound stupid but is truly a big problem; so I ask here.

An explanation will get me pointed in the right direction and a code snippet or example of the correct style(s) would be appreciated. Anyone?

Thanks again all.


"Did you ever stop to think? ...and forget to restart!"

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