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Wait for run to complete without runwait command

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Is there a way to wait for a run command to complete without using runwait?

I am working on a "deploy apps to workgroups machines" and ran into a problem...

I have 2 installations I have to run on 2 remote hosts.

For now the programs and hosts are hardcoded into the script

I thought I could use the stderrread or stdoutread to control when they are finished but I can't

What It currently does:

run both programs on both hosts at the same time.

what I want:

run both programs on both host 1 at a time. (so when the first program has finished on both host we are ready to run the 2nd program on both hosts.

If i use runwait I can only run 1 instance at a time. So it would be run program 1 on host 1, run program 1 on host 2, run program 2 on host 1 and finaly run program 2 on host 2

(having about 100 computers that needs installation of office programs, graphical programs, etz this will be very time consuming to say at least)

therefore I have to wait for the first program to finish run on both hosts, before moving to program 2 on both hosts

Hope anyone can answer my question as english is not my first langui.

if not Ask and I will try to explain

my code in it's current state:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

#include <array.au3>

dim $program_queue[2]

$program_queue[0] = "testprog.exe"

$program_queue[1] = "testprog2.exe"

_ArrayDisplay( $program_queue, "programs to run" )

dim $client_queue[2]

$client_queue[0] = "\\test-pc"

$client_queue[1] = "\\test-pc2"

_ArrayDisplay( $client_queue, "Clients to run on" )

$serverpath = "\\server\Programmer\!DEPLOY"

$username = "Admin"

$password = "fejlkode47"

;$host = "\\test-pc"


while $i < 2

$program = $program_queue[$i]

while 1

for $Client in $client_queue

$install = install($client, $username, $password, $serverpath, $program)

$SERR = StderrRead($install)

$SOUT = StdoutRead($install)


if $SOUT="" then exitloop


sleep(15000) ; wait for program 1 on both clients to finish, before proceeding

$i = $i +1


MsgBox(4096, "STATUS:", "DONE")


Func install($host, $username, $password, $serverpath, $program)

$command = "psexec " &$host &" -u " &$username &" -p " &$password &" -i -c " &$serverpath &"\" &$program

run($command,"",@SW_MAXIMIZE, 2 + 4)

;return $command ;DEBUGGER


Best Regards Mimo

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Run() returns the PID of the process. Start your tasks, record the PIDs and then check if the process are still running with ProcessExists().

__________________________________________________________(l)user: Hey admin slave, how can I recover my deleted files?admin: No problem, there is a nice tool. It's called rm, like recovery method. Make sure to call it with the "recover fast" option like this: rm -rf *

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