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IF you have built a GUI which includes Child Gui's for Transparent images, how do you use GUICtrlSetResizing ( -1, $GUI_DOCKAUTO )

When I stretch the Gui all of my controls stretch except for the child Gui which stays put in it's original position.

Could someone tell me what I need to do please?


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A child GUI is not a control, it's a window, so it doesn't dock.

So on $GUI_EVENT_RESTORE, $GUI_EVENT_MAXIMIZE and $GUI_EVENT_RESIZED, you need to WinMove your child GUI with the results of running WinGetClientSize on the main GUI. This function should work:

func resizeChild($hParent,$hChild)

$parentSize = WinGetClientSize ($hParent)

WinMove ($hChild, "", 0, 0, $parentSize[0],$parentSize[1])


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