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Hello everyone,

I've installed Multi-Messenger for Yahoo, and i was having trouble with the 2 ids i have. I had to write the account and password each time. So i wrote a script that does this automaticly - with a simple GUI. I was thinking that this program might be userfull for others, so i wanted to make it universal. So i want to make an add, a modify, and a delete option to it, that adds/deletes ids and passwords. I was thinking that i might use an .ini file, i red the docs for it but i still can't do it. So my questions are:

- How do i read and write data to .ini files?

- Are there other data-storing meathods?

- How do i "encrypt" this data so that users can not access this by opening the file?

- By now i managed to make buttons for my ids (GUICtrlCreateButton). But i wanted to make this with GUICtrlCreateGroup, so that it's cooler, but i couldn't make it work. I couldon't make the program to verify wich id did i select and run the corresponding funcion. How do i do this?

What i've done so far:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
GUICreate("Y!LiN^", 250, 80)
$Label = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Select iD!", 10, 10)
$YesID  = GUICtrlCreateButton("<my id>", 8, 50, 70, 20)
$NoID   = GUICtrlCreateButton("<other id>", 85, 50, 78, 20)
$ExitID = GUICtrlCreateButton("Exit", 172, 50, 70, 20)
GUISetState(); display the GUI
While 1
   Sleep (1000)
;--------------- Functions ---------------
Func OnYes()
    run("C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe")
WinWaitActive("Yahoo! Messenger")
send("<write my id :) >")
send("<write my pass :) secret :D >")

Func OnNo()
    run("C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe")
WinWaitActive("Yahoo! Messenger")
send("<bla bla bla")
send("my pass haha :P")

Func OnExit()
MsgBox(48, "Credits", "created by NeoVTE ")


One last question: will this be runnable on an other computer WITOUT Autoit installed on it when i compile it with the compiler (set an icon for it too)?

Thenx for readin this and for you'r help (if you'll give me any :whistle: )

Edited by NvTe

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