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command to find text in a string ?

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hi all I have file that looks like this

<DISTANCE:6>998.82 <BAND:3>20M <CALL:5>WB5RY <CONT:2>NA <CQZ:1>4 <DXCC:3>291 <FREQ:9>14.071666 <ITUZ:1>7 <MODE:5>PSK31 <OPERATOR:5>N9MFK <PFX:3>WB5 <APP_LOGGER32_LoTW:1>Y <QSO_DATE:8:D>20061129 <RST_RCVD:3>599 <RST_SENT:3>579 <TIME_ON:6>152343 <TIME_OFF:6>152343 <TX_PWR:2>25 <APP_LOGGER32_eQSL_SENT:1>Y <APP_LOGGER32_eQSL_RCVD:1>Y <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:3>108 <COUNTRY:3>USA <EOR>

<BAND:3>10M <CALL:5>N8RZZ <CONT:2>NA <CQZ:1>4 <DXCC:3>291 <FREQ:9>28.400000 <ITUZ:1>8 <MODE:3>SSB <OPERATOR:5>N9MFK <PFX:2>N8 <APP_LOGGER32_LoTW:1>Y <QSO_DATE:8:D>20010822 <RST_RCVD:2>59 <RST_SENT:2>57 <TIME_ON:6>174525 <TIME_OFF:6>174525 <TX_PWR:3>100 <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:1>1 <COUNTRY:3>USA <EOR>

<BAND:3>15M <CALL:4>W1AW <CONT:2>NA <CQZ:1>5 <DXCC:3>291 <FREQ:9>21.309010 <ITUZ:1>8 <MODE:3>SSB <OPERATOR:5>N9MFK <PFX:2>W1 <APP_LOGGER32_LoTW:1>Y <QSO_DATE:8:D>20010822 <RST_RCVD:2>59 <RST_SENT:2>33 <TIME_ON:6>185153 <TIME_OFF:6>185153 <TX_PWR:3>100 <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:1>2 <COUNTRY:3>USA <EOR>

i need to write a script pull line out of the script

i went to pull call you can see <CALL:5>N8RZZ< so i went to pull n8rzz

my question is what autoit cammand can i use to to find the call thanks for any help


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