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See if an XML node exists

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How can I see if a node exists in an xml file?

Here's the code I currently have:

Func EQ2XML()

$XMLobject = ObjCreate("MSXML.DOMDocument")

$FileSystem = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

$strTempFileName = $EQ2File&"\lpconfig.xml"

$file = FileExists($strTempFileName)

;This function removes the user name from the config file to prevent someone from seeing it in the user field

;It does this by searching the xml file (lpconfig.xml) for the word "respart"

;When it finds it, it completely removes the child object from the file, not just the word respart

If $file = 1 Then


$oXmlroot = $XMLobject.documentElement

$LogFile = $FileSystem.OpenTextFile($strTempFileName)

If @error <> 0 Then

TrayTip("Error", "There was an error opening "& $strTempFileName, 10, 3)


$nClearRecs = $oXmlroot.selectNodes("/LaunchPadConfig/eq2")

For $recs In $nClearRecs

If $recs.selectSingleNode("CurrentUser").text = "respart" Then

$xPath = $oXmlroot.selectSingleNode("/LaunchPadConfig/eq2/CurrentUser")







My code keeps bombing on the line below since the 'CurrentUser' node doesn't exist.

If $recs.selectSingleNode("CurrentUser").text = "respart" Then

How can I have my code basically say "If the node 'CurrentUser' doesn't exist, exit the loop."?

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