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AutoItV2toV3 tool v1.02


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Here come an really improving version. (Edit from Jon: http://www.hiddensoft.com/fileman/users/jpm/AutoItV2toV3/ )

I expect comments to correct bad translation.

I will do my best to support other construction but don't expect the 100% except for well structured code having separate labels for each inner construction.

Spaghetti code will never be 100% translated.

Special thanks to those that give me feedback in previous version

ScriptKitty, Tilo, ... sorry for those I don't mentionned

New in 1.02
    - Fixed %i% = $CmdLine[$i]
    - Fixed " " after a %variable% in a string (sorry for @comspec !!!)
    - Fixed comment line with only ";" no more skipped
    - Fixed IfEqual,IfNotEqual referencing __cmp() compatibilty function
    - Fixed filename can be protected with " to contain space character
    - Fixed #include generation
    - Fixed empty value
                 for SetEnv, Send, Splash, String..., File...,Ini..., Reg...
    - Fixed String generation (starting with a protected char)

    - Added %comspec% = @Comspec
    - Added %DosEnvironment% = EnvGet('DosEnvironment')
    - Added Global variables generation when needed
    - Added Global or Environment variable can be predefined in *.ini
                    /R will set what it thinks is the best !!!
    - Added correct error code handling for
                   FileReadLine, RegRead, StringReplace, StringGetPos
    - Removed /E Kamikaze option (2 runs with /R should be save)
    - Added /G force extra code Generation for ERRORLEVEL checking
                  for those which get trouble with 2 runs
    - Added a%i% -> $a[$i]. Only works if it is a variable type in V2
                  For Tylo satisfaction and my AutoItV2 code too !!!
    - Added Global variable renaming predefinition in *.ini
                 For handling simple case a%i% -> $ret to avoid __idx()
                 Only works if it is a variable type in V2 SetEnv, a%i%
    - Added Function parameter/return predefinition in *.ini
Edited by Jon
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