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Of course there will be a few bugs. It's brand new. But that red ghost comes back at the next level.

It's pretty good for how much time has gone into it. How much time did it take to develope the origional pac-man in the 70s? And how much code? I'm sure it was much more redundant than this script. It's less than 1200 lines and 35 kb!

But my main thing now is to redo the whole thing by using prospeed.dll somehow.. Then I will fix those bugs and do the other things.

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Finally it's playable and actually kinda fun!

It looks very authentic, like the origional 1979 arcade version.

I used ProSpeed.dll with the functions the guy here made. So now everything uses images. Even the score. If the score was a control it would make the whole gui flash when it gets updated.

Here's the todo list.

;make ghost speed seperate from pac-man's

;fix fruit behavior

;better high score system / even online

;pac mouth stop when he stops

;scene and intermission cinimatics

;few wierd graphical bugs with dead ghosts

The origional link is up to date: http://www.rush4hire.com/files/autoit_pacman.zip

The old version is here http://www.rush4hire.com/files/autoit_pacman_old.zip

Here are some screenshots.

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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