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Macro to List in Yahoo Auctions Singapore

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Can any developers help me in creating a simple script that is able to run in the background ?

My request is very simple actually.

I want to list in Yahoo auctions Singapore.


I have attached the selling page and will go more in details if anyone can help.

Basically I need a bulk lister to do these few things:

1) Upload a thumbnail into Yahoo by clicking on the "Upload Photo" button.

2) Enter the Title Desired

3) Description and all the fields. (I can use a Form filler actually to do this portion)

4) Start Time (I need it to start from like Feb 1, 2 , 3 ,4 depending on what day it is today)

and the start time will always stay constant at 1pm - 2pm Only the start date will change

5) Closing time will change. It will keep uploading new auctions from 12am - 1am, 1am - 2am onwards

So what is happening is that I will key in the Title etc that I desire and the script will run by Uploading the pictures, Setting the Start Time to be Todays Date, Closing time to be 12am - 1am and list this auction

Then it will re run the whole thing again and change the closing time to 1am - 2am

After it runs through all 24 hours of Closing time, it will change the Start Date to the Next day and start the Closing time loop all over again.

Thank you and I appreciate any help.


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Did you not learn from your previous posts, no-one here is interested in doing this for you. Go to www.rentacoder.com

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God help the man who won't help himself, because no-one else will...........My Grandmother

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