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Help to create program to delete malware

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Hello :whistle:

I am a French helper which help the PC infected by viruses and others malwares of the Net surfers.

But, we are brought to creates programmes/tools of suppression or detection of malwares.

My question is:

It is possible to create with AutoIt a program allowing the detection and the suppression of malwares?

Thank you for your answer.

If that is possible and if this project interesting somebody, thanks for contacting me in private message in order to keep any confidentiality.

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Thanks for your answer.

Yes, but the signatures of this programs don't delete all malwares.

For example, this infection isn't delete by the antiviris, the anti-spyware, or anti-trojan.

This infection infected removable disks.

So, i want to create a tool to delete/to detect this:





* \Windows\System32\temp1.exe

* \Windows\System32\temp2.exe

* \Windows\xcopy.exe

* \Windows\Svchost.exe

* \Windows\Autorun.inf

This infection copy at the root of each partition:

* \Autorun.inf

* \copy.exe

* \host.exe

* MSLOGON.EXE, << a copy of the worm


* TOY.EXE << copy of the worm in the amovible disk

* SYSTEMNT.EXE in the file C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Start Menu\Programmes\Démarrage

With AutoIt, the création to the type of tool is possible?

Thanks for you answer.

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