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MP3 TAG Maker

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MP3 Tag Maker lets you change the TAG info of your MP3 files. It will not work with files that have already TAG2 info, so make sure that the song doesn't have any TAG info at all.This script will display TAG1 info and lets you modify them in anyway you like. This script simply rebuilds the song and writes the TAG1 info while doing that.

What's supported at this moment is :

Title : 30 characters allowed

Artist : 30 characters allowed

Album : 30 characters allowed

Year : 4 numbers allowed

Comment: 30 characters allowed

The "Update" button writes all info into the song, while the "Clear" button clears only the

input information. Autoit is not perfect yet, cause it's lacks function like FileRead & Write

from offset to offset(I hope that these functions appear cause they can make my job alot easier).


Always backup your song cause you don't know what might happen. Iv'e tested this script many times and it works but be carefull. To remove TAG2 info (so you can be able to use this script) from your songs use Winamp and right-click on the song inside the playerlist and then choose "file info". After Applying the TAG1 info a small 0 byte file called "tmp.mp3" is created, you can delete it

if you like.

It's still not finished so there is more to come :whistle:


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Why can't we just use whatever windows uses when you right click an .mp3 file and choose "Properties". In the second tab you can change the tags.

Someone with knowlege of these APIs and dlls should find it.

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