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Recommended method of "waiting" for an app?

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If I intend on modifying standard windows such as File-Open dialogues or Windows Explorer, what would be the best way to trigger them? I'm currently getting by with looping through the winlist but I have a hard time justifying a program that just lays around in RAM scratching itself 98% of the time. I found Larry's hook.dll and from what I can gather it might be a good alternative, eh? Would a hook be able to just sit quietly until a mouse button is pressed and then jump up off the couch and say "Whooaaa,...not so fast there, Bub! Let's see what we got here,..hmmm,..Ahhh-HAH!! Clicking on a nudey pic without firing up the 70's_wah.wav file first are we? It's a good thing I'm here!"

Does that sound about right? Is the hook a veritable GuiEventMode for the whole system? I couldn't find much for examples so I'm hoping that somebody can at least tell me if I'm heading in the right direction. Basically I just need to know if a hook would be recommended as a listener, and if you know of any examples floating around.

Thanks alot.

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