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Change Wav volume with master volume

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Ok heres the deal...

When i change the volume on my laptop using the buttons, it does small steps through the low volume ares, and large steps through the high volume areas. Sort of like a graph of x^2...

anyways, depending where i am, i keep needing to go to the master volume to change the wav volume to be lower or higher... I often am either in noisy environments, or in very quiet ones (much like a library at 2 am...)

anyways, i was thinking... wouldnt it be great if i had a prog that would change the volumes of everything in my master volume list as the master volume changes... so as the master volume goes down, so will the volume for wav, CD player, etc, and as i turn the master volume up, those volumes go up as well.

How can i do this? I was thinking of reading the master volume, and changing the rest of the volumes based on the master volume

as i was writing this i got another idea... let the max volume be a number between 0 and 100, and change the volumes of wave and others to match it... so when i press the volume down key it sets the master volume from 100 to 99, and wave from 100 to 99, and cd from 100 to 99, etc. even if it would by default go down to like 80

the problem with this is that i cant seem to find out what key the volume down key is... So if theres a way to tell what key im pressing is named, that would be cool.

Lastly, looking in the help file i found

SoundSetWaveVolume ( percent )

but nothing for master volume... ideas?

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Uhm I am sorry no one has posted a reply yet...

I am looking for the same thing, with no luck.

The answer may lie in a dllcall... I'll post back if I find it.

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