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Need help Noob and loops

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I know why I am gettign the recursion error, just need a "demo" of how to fix the 1st loop and i can do the rest.

OR a good word to search for under the help.

Can you be a little more specific. The recursion error? The first loop? What do you want fixed? Please give a clear description of the problem.

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I haven't gotten a recursion error myself, but I suspect that the problem is roidpop() is calling itself. That's fine in most languages, but you need to have a sure-fire way of getting it to stop calling itself which I didn't see (only glanced quickly.)

Look into while loops and for loops. They are your friends :whistle:

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BTW i love the NON help if you did understand then you could fix it. Why waste either of our time on that kind of post? WOuld not of asked for the help if I already knew the answer!

no problem ..... now you got rid of your frustrations start looking at the the way you "call" the functions.

Try to avoid having Func call Other Funcs which call Other Func and thus never finish.

There is no simple answer to your issue because its such a mess of func's and totally unclear to me what they are supposed to do...

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