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dynamic output

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Thx to those who helped me get started ^^;

I've worked with the tutorials and read over the gui reference in the help menus...but I've run into a couple of walls...

1. is there a way to have dynamic text within a text field?

for instance...I have a list of names in an array, as well as a list in the gui, and i want the currently selected name to appear in the top right corner of my gui.

2. this one's a little less demanding, it's about the cosmetics...how can I re-skin my gui? to make it look...prettier?

3. how do u gray-out a button? I looked through the tutorials, and I know I'm overlooking it, but I can't find it.

thanx so much u guys! ^^;

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Haven't seen your project, but I'll try to help :whistle:

1. I'm positive there's a way to capture the event of clicking on a list, maybe even with just GUIGetMsg(). If not, I have something somewhere that I found on the forums if you can't find it. It got it to catch double-clicks, so single clicks shouldn't be a problem.... Anyway you then just need to use GUICtrlSetData to change a label you've made in the upper right corner

2. There's a UDF floating around the forums somewhere... Search around a bit.

3. GUICtrlSetState( $controlID, $GUI_DISABLE) should do the trick :P

My Code:- _TocLib - UDF for TOC protocol (The simplified one used by 3rd party AIM/ICQ clients)

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