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HKL v0001 WIP sampler.

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This is Great!! Very nice work.

Thank You for the positive feedback, it's appreciated.

But I noticed some bugs I'm currently rectifying:

A user can't just paste/type a url in the "program to run" box and assign a hotkey.. (Doh on my stupidity..lol)

Reason: due to I added a silly check to see if the "program to run" path is true, if it's not then capture buttons won't show.

Since a URL is not a file sitting on your PC then the silly check doesn't pass.

Work around ftm: is to make program to run your web browser, then fill the URL in the parameter box..

Sorta lame as this defeates the purpose of ShellExecute...

I'm in the process rectifying this atm. Should be fixed soon

Also noticed at odd times the capture button when pressed just dissappears leaving a user unable to add a shortcut until HKL is restarted.

I think this is due to that silly check I mentioned in the above problem..

I still need to add the history list code for the Program To Run box and the Inport and Export Settings buttons.

Getting around to it.

Trivial Info:

For those that are wondering if I'm editing the registry for the selectable option "Add HKL to Windows Startup (Current User)" then..

NO , Definately Not, I was creating a shortcut to HKL in Current User Start Menu->Programs->Startup folder..

The setting is instant as in Tick the box it's created, untick the box it's deleted.

Seems most ppl don't like others screwing with their registry, also makes it so a user doesn't need to be admin to have HKL start on widows start.


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Mild update to first post:

history list added.

fixed a bug with adding a url to to a hotkey.

other trivial changes as well.


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