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IE 6 Install

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runwait ("C:\builds\gfs\FLAT\WIN32\EN\ie6setup.exe /C:"ie6wzd /S:""#e"" /Q /R:N"")

can someone tell me why this won't work when the same cmd line parameters in auto2 work in the format that it is supposed to be in.

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looks like you have one double quote missing...

just take the commandline that works from the commandprompt or AU2 and put it in:

runwait (' -the command- ')

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Yea, that is why I like the single quote when I have need to use doubles in the statement, I get mixed up with all the doubles.

I don't have the IE6 command line handy, but you might try this as well, or it might show you one more option on how to do it.

runwait ('C:\builds\gfs\FLAT\WIN32\EN\ie6setup.exe /C:"ie6wzd /S:"#e" /Q /R:N" ')

Run and RunWait can use single or double quotes.

Runwait('C:\long long path\big long filename.exe /c command="Bobby" ')

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