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Windows Registry

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I have no experience using AutoIT to write processing instructions to Windows Registry.

By way of background to have windows Start a logon or logoff process you run gpedit.msc and configure Local Computer Policy\User Configuration

\Windows Settings\Scripts\Startup to register the executable script.

I am sure that it is possible to write a script that will run the gpedit.msc process and send it the appropriate configuration information

which is one way of tackling the issue.

Has anyone written a script that performs this process?

A search of Regedit indicates that the AutoIT program appears in a number of locations:

For example:


Default = ""

Exectime = 000 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

008 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00


Parameters = ""

Script = c:\programs\test\logoff.exe

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Group Policy/STate/S-1-5-21 nnnnnn (several directories)/Scripts/Logoff/0/0

Default = ""

Exectime = 000 D7 07 01 00 04 00 04 00 x

008 16 00 08 00 18 00 48 01 H

Parameters = ""

Script = c:\programs\test\logoff.exe

Help is always appreciated


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