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Method parameters in COM

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I've succesfully controlled Access forms with AutoIt/COM. But now there's a problem: how can I give parameters to a method? For example, there's a "Seek" method mentioned in the Access VBA manual:


recordset.Seek KeyValues, SeekOption

And I try to use it this way in the code:

$result = $objOrder.workOrders.Form.Recordset.Seek 1000, 1

If I try running the code, I get syntax error:

E:\AUTOIT\lopputesti\lopputesti.au3(221,44) : ERROR: syntax error
    $s = $oJob.showlabour.Form.Recordset.Seek 1000, 1
E:\AUTOIT\lopputesti\lopputesti.au3 - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

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For methods, use this syntax: $oObject.Method($parameter1, $parameter2)

Using your example:

$result = $objOrder.workOrders.Form.Recordset.Seek(1000, 1)

For properties, use:

$oObject.Property = $value


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