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Problems with the Taskbar Button

Guest irata

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AutoIt runs absolutely *perfect* for what I need, except for one thing - the taskbar button. I'm trying to execute an AutoIt script while within a full-screen application in Windows XP. But whenever I execute the AutoIt script, the creation of the taskbar icon momentarily returns focus to windows and crashes my full-screen application (If it loses focus, it crashes).

I've tried completely disabling the taskbar, but that still does not work - whenever the script creates an icon, my program crashes. Also, I've made sure that it is the TaskBar icon is responsible for this problem by writing a dummy application that does not create a taskbar icon - it works fine.

So, the question is: Is there any way to make it so that an AutoIt script (or an executable) does not create a taskbar icon?

I looked at the source code, and I found the following comments under Aut2exe.cpp:

* ToolBars

* - Using icons from the system built in toolbar in commctrl

* - Create using CreateToolBarEx and TBBUTTON array with IDs assigned

* from a previously created menubar

* - WM_NOTIFY used to set tooltips

* - Tooltip text, is same as command ID+1 - see resource.h

But, I couldn't find CreateToolBarEx or TBBUTTON declared anywhere in the program.

Does anyone have any ideas, or helpful suggestions?

Thanks so much,

- Irata

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Look in \autoit\src\application.cpp

Located around line 158 is:

// Display the tray icon


/* from Application.cpp */
void AutoIt_App::WindowCreate(void)
    ////HMENU   hSysMenu;

         CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT, 625, 300, NULL, NULL, g_hInstance, NULL);

    // Add read-only edit control to our main window
    g_hWndEdit = CreateWindow("edit", NULL, WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_HSCROLL |
     ES_AUTOVSCROLL | ES_READONLY, 0, 0, 0, 0,
     g_hWnd, (HMENU)1, g_hInstance, NULL);
    AUT_ASSERT(g_hWndEdit != NULL);

    // Display the tray icon

    // Create our additions to the system menu
    ////hSysMenu = GetSystemMenu(g_hWnd, FALSE);
    //AppendMenu(hSysMenu, MF_SEPARATOR, 0, NULL);
    //AppendMenu(hSysMenu, MF_STRING, IDM_SYS_PAUSE, "Pause Script Execution");
    //ShowWindow(g_hWnd, SW_MINIMIZE);
    ////ShowWindow(g_hWnd, SW_HIDE);
    //ShowWindow(g_hWnd, SW_NORMAL);

} // CreateWindow()

Edit: Comment out the lines with the four slashes. Build the project to generate new versions of AutoIt.exe and AutoIt.bin

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