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How To Close The Script

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:ph34r: I have modified one of the script, Which I got it from this forum.

I modified in such a way that it allows user to install program without admin rights.

But the problem is I want to close the script when user clicks 'x' button on GUI window.

Please reply if have any suggestion.



#include <GUIconstants.au3>


Opt("GUICoordMode", 1)

Opt("GUINotifyMode", 1)

GUICreate("Radio Box Demo", 240,230,)

; Create the controls

$button_1 = GUISetControl("button", "I&nstall", 130, 170, 80, 30)

$group_1 = GUISetControl("group", "Group 1", 30, 20, 180, 140)

$radio_1 = GUISetControl("radio", "Radio &0", 50, 40, 120, 20)

$radio_2 = GUISetControl("radio", "Radio &1", 50, 60, 60, 20)

$radio_3 = GUISetControl("radio", "Radio &2", 50, 80, 60, 20)

$radio_4 = GUISetControl("radio", "Radio &3", 50, 100, 60, 20)

$radio_5 = GUISetControl("radio", "Radio &4", 50, 120, 60, 20)

; Init our vars that we will use to keep track of GUI events

$radioval1 = 0 ; We will assume 0 = first radio button selected, 2 = last button

$radioval2 = 2


;$msg = GuiMsg()

; In this message loop we use variables to keep track of changes to the radios, another

; way would be to use GuiRead() at the end to read in the state of each control

While 1

$msg = GuiMsg(0)


Case $msg = -5


Case $msg = $button_1

; MsgBox(0, "Default button clicked", $radioval1 )

RunAsSet("username", "domain", "password")

If $radioval1 = 0 Then

RunWait("\\svr\SoftDump\Authorware plugin\macro7.EXE")

ElseIf $radioval1 = 1 Then

RunWait("\\svr\softdump\flash player\flashplayer6_winax.exe")

ElseIf $radioval1 = 2 Then


ElseIf $radioval1 = 3 Then


ElseIf $radioval1 = 4 Then

RunWait("\\svr\SoftDump\Append Footer\setup.exe")


MsgBox(16, ":: Software Install ::", "You selected invalid option" & @LF & "The program will exit now")





Case $msg = $radio_1 OR $msg = $radio_2 OR $msg = $radio_3 OR $msg = $radio_4 OR $msg = $radio_5

$radioval1 = $msg - $radio_1




;"Radio " &


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If the GUI is closed by the "x" button, it will return -3 by GuiMsg(0). Just add a new case block for that, and tell it to exit.

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