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i've noticed that after making a graphic ex :

GuiCtrlCreateGraphic(20, 50, 100,100)



GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_COLOR, 0xff0000,0xff0000)

GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_PIE, 50,50, 40,30,270)

the edges of the graphic look bad. I've seen in other programs that the graphics are smooth and nice. is there a way to make the edges nice or smooth by applying a DllCall or installing maybe a filter ??

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I've noticed this problem. I've used a system with a 3d card and cannot render a simple circle properly. It isn't nice and smooth, but blocky. This is because your video card handles vectored drawing. If you switch to software accelerator, then the edges might be smooth.

This is just my opinion

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