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Tooltip-how To Keep It Always On Top?

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I would like to use a tooltip to display some well needed information while playing a game, so I don't have to constantly exit the game to check.

Anyway, my problem lies with the tooltip not displaying on top of the game. Is there anyway to make a tooltip to display always on top?

One way I know is to constantly refresh the tooltip in a loop. It tends to flicker which is annoying and a faster the refresh rate the more cpu it uses. Actually I was suprised at the amount of cpu it used, so I didn't find it a good option.

Is there any other way?

I searched the board and the only thing I found was this,


I'm guessing it's what I'm looking for but I'm not sure since the user hasn't given much information, a dummy like me might have misunderstood ^^. Anyway I did try to run the script, but the tooltip showed up for a microsecond before the script quit. Not exactly the result I was hoping for lol.

So anyone know how to keep a tooltip on top, using either the method mentioned before or maybe a new method?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :ph34r:.

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I would recomend a different approach, as I have had a need to do this as well for a full-screen application. If you re-draw the tooltip (just call the command again) every short period of time, it will stay visiable. It may flicker a little bit, but it's not nearly as bad as loosing the tooltip very quickly. Just drop it in a loop, or even an AdLib if you wish to run other code when the tooltip is displayed. I used a 20 millisecond delay between refreshes, but you'll have to play around to see what works for you in the app you're working with.

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The odds of keeping a full on window on top of a game aren't that great. In order to get anything on top of a game depends on whether the game is OpenGL or uses DirectX, as well as if the game is full-screen or not, as well as what game engine the game is using as well as whether or not the game... you should get the point by now. If you get something to stay on top during a game, then congratulations, but like about every other thing concerning AutoIt and games, the results may be unpredictable and vary from game to game or OS to OS or even system to system.

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