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Script freezes on ControlCommand

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I want to choose an item from a combobox, as soon as I choose the item an inputbox titled "Macro Parameters" appears. The Macro Parameters window has an Edit1 text box in it, and I want to enter in a date.

When I run the script below, it activates the Remedy program window, pops up the "blah" message box, selects the "Daily Log Report" item from the ComboBox, which causes the Macro Parameters window to open and.....

Nothing. It never gets to the "foo" msgbox.

I can see that the script is still running in my system tray, it just doesn't do anything until I either cancel the Macro Parameters window, or continue on manually, at which point the "foo" message box will pop up.

Is there something I'm missing somewhere? Some setting I've forgot to set so it doesn't wait for the ControlCommand to finish before returning?

WinActivate("Remedy User")
WinWaitActive("Remedy User")
ControlCommand("","","ComboBox1","SelectString",'Daily Log Report')
ControlSend("Macro Parameters","","Edit1","01/01/2007")
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Well, I've gotten around the problem by just spawning a second autoit script to wait for the macro parameters window to show up, then enter the date and send an {enter}, which resumes the original script.

Judging by the responses, I'm assuming this is a bug.

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