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Using StdoutRead to populate a Listbox

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Hi all.

I've been exploring AutoIT for the last couple of days and am having a ball! But I've hit a hard spot for me and was hoping for some guidance.

I learned how to use StdoutRead to grab output from an external application but can't figure out how to turn that output into selections in a listbox.

In particular, what I have is a command line utility that outputs somthing like this:

Total number of Items: 4





What I want to do is to take that output and populate a listbox as individual selections but omit the first line that says "Total number of Items: <n>".

I'm stuck on both the removing of the first line and making each item a selection.

I'm sure it's a trivial thing to do, but I'm stuck. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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$somenewvar = StringSplit(StringStripCR($thevarfromyourstdoutread), @LF)

Add to your listbox: $somenewvar[2], $somenewvar[3], $somenewvar[4], and $somenewvar[5].

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