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Hi, (don't know if this is the correct forum, else plz move it to the right one)

I have a treeviewlist with checkboxes. The list is generated from a array with filenames of image files. The array writes to a ini file and the treeview reads the ini. On the right side I have a preview window based on IE.

My problem is the folowing:

I want to show every image in the preview list for each checkbox that is selected. So when 3 checkboxes are enabled. You'll see all 3 in the preview window. If everything is unchecked is the code is: _IENavigate($oIE, "about:blank")

The reason why I've chosen for the ini file (if your were wondering..) is because textitems will be added under the image. Just like a nice installation manual will do :whistle: The textitem is saved as subitem in the ini file.


I think it should work with something based on the folowing:

0 - item is unselected

$GUI_FOCUS : item is selected

$GUI_CHECKED : item is checked (with LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES-style)

$GUI_CHECKED + $GUI_FOCUS : item is checked and selected

$GUI_UNCHECKED : item is unchecked

$GUI_UNCHECKED + $GUI_FOCUS : item is unchecked and selected

But.. at the moment my brain seems to be flushed away and I can't seem to attach the different ends together..

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