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Guest Yeah

How To Pause A Script

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How I can set a HotKey to pause / resume a script?



Did you have a look at the helpfile ? it has an example for HotKeyset that just does what you are asking...


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Yeah, here

Another single example, too...

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "_Pause"); PAUSE
HotKeySet("+{PAUSE}", "_UnPause"); SHIFT + PAUSE

ProgressOn( "Loop", "Progressing..", "", -1, -1, 16)
For $y=1 to 100
   $pauSet= $pauSet
   ProgressSet( $y, $y & '%', $pauSet)

Func _Pause()
   Global $pauSet= 1
   While $pauSet
 Func _UnPause()
   Global $pauSet= 0

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Guest Malizia

I too have been attempting to use a pause/resume hotkey in my script. The script (which just outputs some text based on certain events on the screen) works fine in Notepad, and the hotkey pause/resumes as it should. However, when I run the computer game Final Fantasy XI (which I designed the script for) the hotkeys do not work. I have attempted to use Ctrl-x, the Pause key, and the End key as hotkeys. All work outside the game, none work inside the game. I'm guessing FFXI somehow disables the HotKeySet function from being activated, so is there a way around this? Except for the pause/resume hotkey thing, the script works perfectly in game.

Additionally, a friend of mine who has been attempting a similar thing mentioned that his GUI automation program has a pause/resume hotkey built into the program, instead of having to be written into a script. Does AutoIt have such a pause/resume hotkey built in?



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