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Messege Box Input Help

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I'm trying to create a msgbox and get an input from it. f input is yes then i want to open up a web page if no then exit.

How to i get an input from the OK and CANCEL boxes on the MSGBOX?? Sorry if this is a no brainer not a programmer :whistle:

Here is the code i have so far

MsgBox(1, "TEST TITLE","Please Click Yes to take our survey")

If(1) Then Run("C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe www.google.com")

if (0) Then Exit

This opens the page regardless of what you press. How do i set a variable to the OKand CANCEL Boxes and get the input when the user clicks OK or CANCEL?


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Ok. Heres whats happening. When you call the function message box it returns a value which can be picked up with a variable: ex:

$variable = MsgBox(1,"TEST TITLE","Please Click Yes to take our survey")
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There are several examples of this in the help file, which I highly suggest you read. Also, since your new I would suggest chicking this out:


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