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Greetings to All;

I just downloaded Autoit.

I have this GUI from a wireless adaptor I need to set up (fill in) the user name (netwok name) and make a selection from a pull down menu.

I need to run the autoit script(once I write it) from an application that supports ActiveX and DLL and send this variables theough DLL or Active x.

Can Someone tell me where I can find a simple Autoit script to fill these things in a GUI.

I tried to run the examples and they just open when I double click them and I just see the scrpts.

Thank You Very Much

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well, to help you with the scripts opening, instead of left clicking or double clicking, right click and press "Run Script" (This may be different for some users as u can set up start sequence during installation/setup).

As for the script, its kinda hard to tell what exactly you mean when we don't know what it looks like but for starters u can search for the label and specify which input box you want to fill, enter your info and search for the drop down menu label that you want, search for the text u want, then click...

lol sry, I have no idea what u want unless i can see a pic... :whistle::P

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