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Scanning objects and assigning it as a variable?

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Hello guys,

I am new to autoit and I am not sure if it can help me with the task I need. I have set a picture to make it easier for me to explain.


Base on the image above, there are 3 objects A, B and C.

1) Is it possible for me to capture the 3 images and assign them to a variable/object for each one of them? If it can be done, can you please write a sample code for it.

2) Second, if they can be assign as an object, can you do a comparison for each of them?

I am not asking for an entire script, maybe some pseudo codes will help me since I am new to images/pics/objects.

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Welcome to the forum...:whistle:

You would probably get more attention to your question in the AutoIt v3 forum. I supose you are using V3 for this. If you don't go and get it now!

I'm not sure I follow you entirely. But I my interpretation of your question is correct you should search for topics containing the word poker or texas. And study the code you encounter.

happy scripting


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