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Process problem

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Hi everyone

What I want to do is, make sure the process don't run twice itself, so I am wondering how should I do that or is there a way to check a process itself PID so I can set up an if statement for it.

Also, is there a way to check process PID by it's process name? But I have 2 process that have the same name.


;For the first question(This is the first process)
;If process exist(Itself) Then
;end if
;But where should I put that code and I think I should get its PID for it

;For the second question(This is the second process)
;This is an other process that checks if the first process exist
;While 1
;If Process exist(the first process) Then
;do nothing
;Run("The first program")
;End If
;But since the first process have the same name as 1 of the Windows Process, so I am wondering if there is anyway I can send messenge between programs or find PID by it's name?

Thanks for helping.


Edit:Fixed some error

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Incredibly unimaginably useful:


Everything you asked for should be possible using the Func _ComputerGetProcesses(ByRef $aProcessInfo)

(... and looping through the array finding any processnames that match your processname, and comparing @autoItPid to the 26th element of the process info for the found process in the array (26th element = the PID of that process))

/edit: sentence was fooked up. Now less so. :whistle:

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