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probs with firewall disable script

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ok heres the deal

i hav a,b,c three pcs

a is at a different city, mine. i use this to connect remotely to

b and c -- together in a different city--with xp sp2

i use b and c remotely via remote administrator

to start remote admin i need to knock off the firewall of b and c to work on b and c ( any other options? )

once in, i hav to start the firewall again, for this software to run

while loogging off, i keep forgetting to disable the firewalls(silly me), so i cant log in the next day, and i hav to tell someone in the other city to manually disable it so i can log in.


can someone help? i tried using the firewall disable script (dfw_irv3) but it wont work even on my pc ( win 2000 sp4), to knock of its own firewall. i tried to do the netsh command and then run but it still wouldnt. can someone please help poor me?

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