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Multi-monitor Laptop window mover

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I can't seem to start a new topic in the example scripts section, so I thought I would post this here.

If you have a laptop that you use both in a docking station with multiple monitors and also standalone, you can strand windows in the other monitors when you undock. This script will move all windows into the primary display without having to unattach the extra monitors in the display properties. Comments welcome.

$list = WinList()
For $win = 0 To $list[0][0]
    $state = WinGetState($list[$win][1], '')
    If (BitAND(2, $state)) Then ;if visable
        If (BitAND(32, $state)) Then WinSetState($list[$win][1], '', @SW_RESTORE) ;if maximized, then restore
        If (BitAND(16, $state)) Then WinSetState($list[$win][1], '', @SW_RESTORE) ;if minimized, then restore
        $pos = WinGetPos($list[$win][1], '')
        $npos = $pos
        If $pos[2] > @DesktopWidth Then $npos[2] = @DesktopWidth ;shrink width if needed
        If $pos[3] > @DesktopHeight Then $npos[3] = @DesktopHeight ;shrink height if needed
        If $pos[0] + $npos[2] > @DesktopWidth Then $npos[0] = @DesktopWidth - $npos[2];move left if needed
        If $pos[0] < 0 Then $npos[0] = 0 ;move right if needed
        If $pos[1] + $npos[3] > @DesktopHeight Then $npos[1] = @DesktopHeight - $npos[3];move up if needed
        If $pos[1] < 0 Then $npos[1] = 0 ;move down if needed
        WinMove($list[$win][1], '', $npos[0], $npos[1], $npos[2], $npos[3])
        If (BitAND(32, $state)) Then WinSetState($list[$win][1], '', @SW_MAXIMIZE) ;if was maximized, then restore
        If (BitAND(16, $state)) Then WinSetState($list[$win][1], '', @SW_MINIMIZE) ;if was minimized, then restore

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