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help a newbie?

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Well i just started using autoit yesterday..

i've done a little program that i needed.. after checking it works (it works)

i decided to make it better and i won't need to put in an id and password every time and i tried to do it with a gui.

this is the script

$id = IniRead ("C:\Z\id and pass.ini", "first time", "id", "iamnot0" )

if $id = 0 Then


$idg=GUICtrlCreateInput("id", 1, 1)

$passg=GUICtrlCreateInput("pw", 60, 60)





IniWrite("C:\Z\id and pass.ini", "id", "$id", $id)

IniWrite("C:\Z\id and pass.ini", "pw", "$pass", $pass)

IniDelete("C:\Z\id and pass.ini", "first time")


While 1=1

$id = IniRead ( "C:\Z\id and pass.ini", "id", "$id", "error")

$pass = IniRead( "C:\Z\id and pass.ini", "pw", "$pass", "error")


the problem is probably something with the first command- there are no error messages, but after the first time it opens and sleeps for 10 secs and closes (like it needed) when i turn it on again it still thinks id=0... though it should give back "iamnot0" and start the program.

what is wrong?

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