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_ExcelCom_UDF for LocoDarwin (possible bug)

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It would appear that I am having a problem with getting the _ExcelCellColorSet function to set the proper RGB hex value colors in the spreadsheet. The following code should set the cell color to blue as the hex value for blue is 0x0000ff. What happens instead is that it sets the cell color to red whose hex value is 0xff0000.?????

Case $DataArray[$innerCounter][$temp]=1

_ExcelCellColorSet($oExcel, $x, 1, $x, 1, 256, 0x0000ff)

As you can see I set the $iColorIndex value to 256 to force it to use the hex values. I quickly figured out that the value needed to get the reqired colors entailed reversing the hex values from RGB to BRG. Is it supposed to work this way? I was under the impression the RGB was the standard.

Thanks so much for _ExcelCom_UDF it has been invaluable to me, great library of functions.



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