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GUI Help saving login info for auto logger.

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Ok, here is my first attempt at building an auto logger.

I want to build a GUI to gather a username and password to store and use everytime the application is ran. The numpad and enter must be used on each keystroke for this to work in the vbs application it is running. Can anyone offer help? I want to be able to send this out to my coleges and they input their login info initially and run the app after that.

Thanks for your input in advance

Here is my code:






WinWait("Convergence Phone Panel","")


If Not WinActive("Convergence Phone Panel","") Then WinActivate("Convergence Phone Panel","")

WinWaitActive("Convergence Phone Panel","")



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I want to make an autologin for a phone system at work and I have completed this macro that works great for me. I would like to add a GUI that will run a new user thru a small setup that will gather their login info and set it to when they open the file from then on it will go thru the login sequence using their login. Can anyone offer advice as to th method for this? An ini file? text file and whatever it is, can it be encrypted? I am not looking for anyone to write the script, but some advice would be nice.

Thank You...

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Try AnyGui.. Might be useful in your situation.

For saving usernames/passwords, i'd go with Inifiles.



You can use _StringEncrypt with a strong key to encrypt (and decrypt) the password.

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