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Idle TIme

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I wrote this script a while back, but I don't think I ever posted it. It checks for system Idle Time. There may already be lots out there.

; idle_time.au3
; March 8, 2004

; Checks to see if the system is idle for 5 seconds or more

Global $StartTime


While 1;Infinite Loop

  $MPos1 = MouseGetPos()
  $CPos1 = WinGetCaretPos()
  $MPos2 = MouseGetPos()
  $CPos2 = WinGetCaretPos()

  If $MPos1[0] <> $MPos2[0] Then
  ElseIf $CPos1[0] <> $CPos2[0] Then

  $EndTime = TimerStop($StartTime)
  If $EndTime > 5000 Then;5000 = 5 seconds
    MsgBox(0, "System Idle Time", "System Idle Time exceeded 5 seconds", 2)


Func StartTimer()
  $StartTime = TimerStart()

Hope you like it,



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Decent script, although a clear limitation of that is keyboard use, since AutoIt can't hook all keyboard activity to test it. Doesn't windows maintain an idle time somewhere? I remember seeing an option in Gaim to use it's idle time, or the system's reported idle time. If that is correct, perhaps that is a way for your script to access that information so that it could include keyboard usage? Just a suggestion if you'd like to take on a challange :ph34r:

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