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Things were going better than expected. I started in earnest just this morning and I copied large directories from another server on the network, then I was able to open Internet Explorer (by classname=IEFrame, title depends on homepage) and set the page to our server page which re-directs to the eBLVD download page, and click the go button.

Then there was a button in the middle of the new page labeled "Download Software" but the Info Window cannot see it, it has no control ID, and the className "Internet Explorer_Server1" applies to the whole page or frame.

MouseClick may be an option but how reliable is it? Is Window or Client coordinate mode more reliable?

Sorry to bombard you with so many newbie questions but I have a short deadline for proving that AutoIt is the way to go ( and I am betting it is).

Thanks again,


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Sure, if you have any questions.. You can ask them in this topic. :shocked:

Thanks, and here they come... ;^)

Trying to click the button that has no ID using this line:

$result = _IELinkClickByText ($Hwnd, "Download Software")

Is the first arg, $o_object, the same as the handle obtained by

$Hwnd = WinGetHandle("Classname=IEFrame") ?

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