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Vaule changes

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Hi, i need help with autoit..

I need to know how to get autoit to register that a vaule has changed... I am making a bot for an online game called wardrox...

I would like the bot to buy when the trade price of an item is 1.60 and then sell it again at 1.70 But i dont know how to get it to register the values...

Here is the link for the game.. WWW.Wardrox.com

And here is my script so far:

run( "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE -new http://www.Wardrox.com","")

Winwait ("Wardrox | WDX - The Game - Microsoft Internet Explorer")





Send ("Timmy{TAB}***{ENTER}")






All this script does at the moment is log in on my account and go to the trade page.

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