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Wreeno 0.3

is a autoit music tool for people who want to organize their mp3 music albums on the computer. It allows to place cd-covers free on the desktop at several virtual desktops. They can be used to bring some order in the music collection. If you want to hear the album, just double click a cover, and your Mediaplayer starts playing (till now only Winamp is supported*). To choose several tracks click with the right mouse button on the cover and select the wished track from the context menu.


Posted Image

A desktop full of cover.


* place music covers free on the desktop

* arrange cover on virtual desktops (e.g. genres)

* automatic cover download from amazon


* Win NT/2000/XP/2003

* 32bit color depth

* good graphic card

Download Wreeno 0.3

Wreeno setup (999kb) updated: 05/01/2007

You find additional infos here.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

*you may try your own media player by editing wreeno.ini:


Player1=Path of your media player

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