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This works like karaoke but there are no video effects yet.

If the radio button is green there is a timing file to match the midi file (*.hpt hymn player timing). So when you play it, it will use the timing. Or you can delete it and start a new one.

If there is no such file, it will play the tune and begin putting the words on the screen. If you know how they lyrics match the tune, you can keep hitting the right arrow key to move the highlighter and at the end of the lyrics it will make a timing file.

It uses the text and midi files found at http://www.digitalhymnal.org/download.html

Some of the midis only play one verse so it has to loop it and sometimes you don't get the first couple tunes.

There's a huge todo list at the top of hymn_player_vars.au3

Posted Image

Posted Image

You can click these to get the full size pic.

Posted Image Posted Image

Download link here.

Here are the sources hymn_player_source.zip


Oh ya, the home page.

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That's true, but following suit with a long standing tradition, biblical type things are always the first things done.

For instance:

The first book printed on the printing press was the Bible.

The first telegram in America read: "What hath God wrought" in 1844.

(Num 23:23)

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