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Does this already exist?

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I have been doing searches on the forums but not finding anything yet.

I was wondering if anyone has used AutoIt to create an Installer, what I mean is I'd like to have a GUI open listing say 10 tasks. If the user pressed "install" button then it would start at task #1 and install the .exe associated with it. While it's doing that a animated gif or progress bar would spin or tick away until the app installed successfully. Once done a red check mark or somethign would appear next to the task #1, then it would start Task #2... etc.. now some tasks may not have a exe associated with them, for those I'd want the end user to simply check a box to show they completed it then the installer would move onto the next task.

Anyway, I know it wouldn't be that difficult to do all this, just would take a while for me to put together so I was going to check if someone already put this together or something similar first.



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