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How to get control of buttons in foreign windows...

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I would like to write a little prog that controls Winamp's Streamripper plugin, because it has no hotkey function. I have already written a version, which does that by clicking onto the buttons in streamripper by using the mouseclick() function. The problem is, if Winamp has been minimized, its window cannot be restored by an AutoIt-command, to do the click, no matter what kind of command that is. I've tried everything. It doesn't resize its main window, neither streamripper. Only the playlist window.

Now I'd like to write a new version, which clicks on the "record" button of streamripper by using the ControlClick() function, while streamripper has been minimized. Will this work?

I don't have the control handle informations for the start/stop buttons of streamripper, so I also need a tool or command to read them out.

That's the code of the old version:

$PosOld = MouseGetPos ()
WinActivate ("Winamp")
WinSetState("Winamp", "", @SW_RESTORE)
WinWaitActive ("Streamripper")
$Offset = WinGetCaretPos ()
$Pos = MouseGetPos ()
MouseClick("Left", 35+$Offset[0], 135+$Offset[1], 1, 0)
MouseMove($PosOld[0], $PosOld[1], 0)

Plz, help.


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