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How can I ignore too many commandline Parameters ?

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I'm trying to code a little Playlist Generator for my HTPC Project. When I

e.g. open there a directory with pictures, every single picture came in one

commandline parameter. If there are too many commandline parameters

given to my proggy - it still crashed (stack overflow). I recoded my program,

so i only need the path to the pictures and generate the playlist with the

FindFile and FindFileNext method. The only problem is, my program further

crashed, when too many commandline parameters are given to it. What can i

do ? Is there no way, to just ignore everything above e.g. cmdline[15] ?



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No, the problem he is getting is related to the cutoff point at which autoit accepts command line parameters. There is no current limit, which causes a stack overflow in the program. This means that any and every autoit script has this problem and there is nothing he can do in the script to change it. A change has to be made to autoit itself.

Who else would I be?
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