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Add Domain User to local group

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O.K. I know i might be asking for a lot now and I did look in the forum for help but I only found one response and i don't understand it. I need to add a domain user to the local Admin group on there PC. There computer name is there login name so I imagine i can leverage that in some way so there would not have to be any interaction on the user's part? Here is the code that I found but it does not make sense to me. Any help would be appreciated extremely! Thanks in advance. You guy's are great at what you do!


Func _User($action, $user, $pass="", $domain=@ComputerName, $level="")


Case $action = "ADD"

$objLocalComputer = ObjGet("WinNT://" & @ComputerName); Init COM object

$objUser = $objLocalComputer.Create ("user", $user); Create user

$objUser.SetPassword ($pass)


_User("SET_GROUP", $user, $pass, $domain, $level)

Case $action = "REMOVE"

_Profile("REMOVE", $user, $domain)

$objLocalComputer = ObjGet("WinNT://" & @ComputerName); Init COM object

$objLocalComputer.Delete("user", $user); Delete user

Case $action = "SET_GROUP"

$dso = ObjGet("WinNT:")

$objGroup = ObjGet("WinNT://" & @ComputerName & "/" & $level & ",group")

$objUser = $dso.OpenDSObject("WinNT://" & $domain & "/" & $user,$domain & "\" & $user, $pass, 1)


Case $action = "REMOVE_GROUP"

$objGroup = ObjGet("WinNT://" & @ComputerName & "/" & $level)

$objUser = ObjGet("WinNT://" & $domain & "/" & $user)



EndFunc ;==>_User

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