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Bug report for _StringProper function for French caracters.

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Hello everybody.

I plan to create a tools for rename files and directory, and I find that the function _StringProper not function correctly for the French laguage, because the __CharacterIsApha function not use French caracters.

So I modifie the function like this :

Func __CharacterIsApha($s_Str)
    Local $a_Alpha = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzÿîïéêèëâàáæôûùüç"
    Return (StringInStr($a_Alpha, $s_Str))
EndFunc  ;==>__CharacterIsApha

I hope it will help other poeple from others countries to modifie and use it for theire own language.

Best regards.


Best Regards.Thierry

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