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Navigate between Gui's like a web page?

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I'm contemplating a rather large database program using autoit.

What is the best method using autoit to manage and break larger scripts into smaller manageble scripts.

For example this application would have a general gui interface for regular users and a different gui for administrative tasks.

If this was an asp application I would break the content into header file and <include> a functions or libraries script and menu/navigations functions into that script.

Then content, then a common footer file. eg:

#include "header.au3"

;content here...eg index.au3

#include "footer.au3"

Using the menu to navigate between scripts displaying different interfaces/guis.

This method keeps the scripts manageble and re-usable code.

I'm expecting this would be tricky with autoit, but just looking to avoid a massive single include and possibly call include scripts as required depending on the script requirements.

My logic might be flawed here as a compiled script is going to include everything into memmory anyway?

Has anyone got any reccomendations or examples on the best way to accomplish something like the web model.

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