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WPF control automation


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I'm new to WPF and AutoIt... And of course I want to automatize my GUIs. What should I do in order to find a particular WPF control like Button, Slider and so one?

The major trouble is that even the "AutoIt v3 Active Window Info" doesn't give me any useful info, when I move the cursor over the WPF controls! The only solution I found is to work with MouseMouve, but this is not really future proof.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Pboc

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Nothing is 'future proof'. Nn vendor will guarantee that future internal controls will be portable to future releases. It's hard enough

getting vendors to have code that interoperates with their own update processes.

What you have to decide is if the investment to build is worth the cost, and factor in the costs of updating automation with

each upgrade decision.

Reading the help file before you post... Not only will it make you look smarter, it will make you smarter.

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Thank you for the reply,

Indeed I refer to http://wpf.netfx3.com/ (WPF).

I'm still stuck to use AutoIt together with WPF. With AnyGUI, I could get "handle" to control... But I get always the same handle, too bad.

e.g. _GuiTarget ("WPF Photo Viewer", "", "", "ZoomSlider") give the same result as _GuiTarget ("WPF Photo Viewer", "", "", "ChangeButton").

I'll learn a bit more WPF. And if I found a trick. I'll let you know!

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flyingboz, good comment and explanation at that

pboc, sounds good :shocked: You might want to try using the client cors with AnyGui. However, doing COM with .NET would (I think) be a better way to go. MS has some good documentation and there are a few threads (if not many threads) in reference to .NET.

A decision is a powerful thing
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try using CLIENT coords for the last parameter of _GuiTarget(), unless the control you refer to isn't in the same location each time you run the app......

click my signature to see an example of what i'm talking about....and for the latest version of ANYGUI (v2.8 now...)

[u]Do more with pre-existing apps![/u]ANYGUIv2.8
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