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i have been trying and trying with this code. but it still shows error.

can anyone please guide me on this ?



My H drive is a network drive. when i run it. it always shows that unable to execute the external program..what is the problem?

secondly. the @COMPUTERNAME is it have to put as computer name? if i want this file 300 user using this file, is that means i have to create 300 different file for different computer name? can i use like %COMPUTERNAME% to replace it so that it can search for computername automatically while user login.?

can anyone please guide me on this??


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The message u get is correct.

For using files on network drives use UNC naming instead of drive letters.



Second : Do u have an domain ?


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You can also map H: using DrivemapAdd after you started the runatset account.

H: does not exist for the account you use to run the application.

:ph34r: A good way to check this is to use "run as" on Internet Explorer and got to my computer using internet explorer. You will notice that there are no mappings to external drives...

DriveMapAdd("H:", "\\myserver\stuff")

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Another thing I noticed is that you are trying to run a .txt file. In order to work with a text file, you need to run a program to manipulate it like Notepad.

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