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Control-commands compiling issue

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Guest Cyberchriss

I have a problem with my setup-script.

The script is working fine when i execute it.

After compiling it doesnt work ynymore :ph34r:

RunAsSet ("Loginname","domain", "Pass")
RunWait ("\\av01\hd_av01\Setup\Freigegeben\System40\setup2.exe")

AutoItSetOption ("SendKeyDelay", 40)
WinWaitActive ("Warnung")
ControlClick ("Warnung","","Button2","","1")
WinWaitClose ("Warnung")

ControlSend ("Informationen","","Edit1","MetSys","")

WinWaitActive("Setup abgeschlossen")
ControlClick("Setup abgeschlossen","","Button5","","1")
ControlClick("Setup abgeschlossen","","Button2","","1")
WinWaitClose("Setup abgeschlossen")

any idear where the problem is?

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